Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring has sprung! (Not in NYC of course.) The first things that come to my mind when I think Spring are 
1) Bunnies 
2) Flowers 1
3) Farmers Market 
And when I think farmers market, I think 
1) Salad
2) Salads 
3) Many Salads

I think it would be slightly strange of me to give you a salad recipe, but I will provide you with a few simple salad formulas. 

Salad 1: Very Simple 
Math Form 
Greens + Olive Oil + Vinegar + Salt = Salad 

Physics Form 


Salad 2: Still Simple 

Math Form 
Greens + Fruit (by Fruit, I mean vegetables) + Dressing of Choice = Salad 

Physics Form 

Salad 3: Not Just Vegetables (Recipe for Magic Salad) 

Math Form 
Canned Tuna + Boiled Potatoes + Lettuce + Optional Tomatoes + Olives + Optional Anchovies + Olive Oil = Magic Salad 

Physics Form